Camp Song Karaoke #9: Old Texas

This is one of the easiest songs to get any group to sing; all they have to do is echo each line the song leader sings. Well suited to campfires. 

Camp Song Karaoke #8: Upward Trail

This two-part hiking song differs from most "echo" songs in that the second part finishes at the same time as the first, due to a shortcut taken during the last time through. 

Camp Song Karaoke #7: Dee Ah Dee Um Dum (I've Got a Girl and She is a Daisy)

 This song's roots are in barbershop quartet tradition, where part of the repertoire includes a song known as "Tee Idle Dum Dum." Somewhere along the line the lead melody and the backing line evolved into the two parts I learned at camp - and to be honest, I think it's much improved.  

The MIDI voices used for this are obviously not pronouncing the lyrics, but the melodies and words should be clear even if you've never heard this song before:

Camp Song Karaoke #6: Cookie

At my camp, whenever a meal was especially delicious, we would sing this song and the cook would come to the door from the kitchen to the mess hall and take a bow.

Camp Song Karaoke #5: Blow Ye Winds of Morning

 Another sea shanty, one that's been covered by folks from Burl Ives to the Kingston Trio and the Almanac Singers and so on. 

Camp Song Karaoke #3: Titanic

 No song has been more popular across the years for every kind of kid at summer camp than "Titanic." It's a a fun, lively song about a tragedy, so maybe that combination is a winner.  In any event, I arranged this for a virtual marching band to emphasize the fun and lively aspect.