Friday, April 18, 2008

Mr Rabbit - Song #12

Where does the time go? I have not posted for a while, but will try to get back on a more regular basis. Now, let me talk about a simple song that our Camp Director, Dave, taught us one summer. I believe it was something they used to sing at Ajawah a while back but had long disappeared from the "playlist" before Dave revived it.

While putting together the Ajawah iMix (link on the left side of this page), I found a raucous version by Paul Westerberg of Replacements fame. Since he grew up in St. Louis Park, a Twin Cities suburb which many campers have called home, I wonder if he learned it from someone who went to Ajawah. Or was it a more prevalent song in various youth groups, families, etc?


Kendra (Goepferd) Paker said...

I was looking throught eh playlist and another couple songs came to my head, probably from girl's camp.
--leavin' on a jet plane
--one tin soldier (may not be the actual title, but that's how I remember it)

Joe said...

Hi Kendra - great to hear from you! I will add those two to the list - I know there are more. Remember "octakavanuva"? The problem is I have no idea how to spell it to search for its origins. It's on the "one day..." list. Thanks for the titles.

Kendra said...

Glad I could help - I think it's great that you are putting this all together - definitely brings back the ol' memories!