Thursday, April 10, 2008

Another Camp's Song

My friend Dan recently emailed me about his experiences at a Boy Scout Camp in Virginia. Here is the song unique to their camp:

" Our particular camp was Camp Bowman. Theme song was "The Yellow Rope of Bowman" sung to the tune of "The Yellow Rose of Texas". It spoke of the yellow rope we used for everything onsite. Whenever I hear Yellow Rose, which isn't often, I always remember the song and those days at camp.

Oh, the yellow rope of Bowman
Is good enough for me.
And when it's very dark out
The rope you'll always see.
And when you tie a square knot
Your work will always shine.
The yellow rope of Bowman
Will melt in turpentine."


Jay said...

This song brings back memories of the '70s when I spent part of 2 summers at Camp Bowman. Good post.

Joe said...

Jay, my friend Danny went to Bowman in the 70s, too - perhaps you crossed paths there. Thanks for the comment.