Saturday, March 3, 2012

Down Under

I was in Adelaide, Australia for a conference a few days ago. Melbourne now and then Sydney before returning to the USA. This made me thing of three songs to post on my Facebook page: Waltzing Matilda Kookaburra Sits on an Old Gum Tree Tie Me Kangaroo Down And someone reminding me in a comment of one we sang during girls' sessions at Camp Ajawah: My Father Slew a Kangaroo And googling that reminded me of another song I'd left of my long list of summer camp songs: My Dog Lima. The last song is not Australian, but like "My Father" is a short, funny song about an animal. Any other Aussie songs I have missed that you know from summer camp days?


Martin said...

Nine Miles from Gundagai
Click go the Shears
Khe Sanh
Waking Up Tired

Joe said...

Martin - these are great! Thx.