Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Joe Swift Messing Around

That's the title of this youtube clip.

But, no, it's not me.


Lawhead Alan said...

For The Wreck of Old 97, so many good versions. Here's Hank Snow, from his LP. Note: ... and was scalded to death by THE steam.

Joe said...

Alan - thanks for reading and for commenting. Did you ever lead this song at Camp Ajawah? I never it knew it well enough to do so.

I just searched the lyrics for Johnny Cash's version and the first result has " death by steam." Are you going to argue with Johnny?

I'll admit I also found versions that agree with your use of "THE steam."

Lawhead Alan said...

No, I didn't lead it. I think Jim Ball introduced it around 1981, so I heard it for the first time as a counselor. I won't argue with the great Johnny Cash; I like his version too. But the ownership of this song was the subject of litigation for years, so I'll agree with what the Supreme Court said, what ever that was.

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